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Your roof will require some professional attention for long live.

    We provide emergency roofing tarp services for your home or business. Our team of experts are available 24 hours a day to make sure that your property is protected from any potential damage. Call us today! When it comes down to it, we want our customers to feel safe that they have chosen the best company for their needs. 

    That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services so that no matter what happens during business hours or after-hours emergencies, there will always be someone available who can help them out with their issue quickly and efficiently. We believe in being there when you need us most! Call now if you ever find yourself in need of one of our tarps!

    Damage to a roof is never something that you can totally predict. It could be caused by anything from harsh weather conditions, general deterioration due aging or even just small damages which become larger when left unaddressed for too long; there’s no such thing as “small” damage in this case! 

     Whether your home has an old sturdy metal shingle style topside protection system on it -or if its more modern fiberglass polymer tile installation-, when disaster strikes don’t wait around before taking action because otherwise replacing the entire structure may end up being necessary

    What to Expect with our Emergency Roofing Tarping

    Such professionals understand you don’t have time to waste. You are stressed about the situation and further damages. You have made calls to your insurance and a contractor for the work, but so has everyone else. They will get to you the same day and secure the emergency roofing tarps in place.These tarps are made from durable materials, and they aren’t going to blow away in high winds.

    These services can give you peace of mind and a temporary solution. Such tarps shouldn’t be relied upon to protect the roof of a home or business for more than 90 days. If the scheduled repairs or replacement can’t be done in that time frame, reach out to the provider to see what they recommend.

    Choose your Provider Carefully

    Not all providers of emergency roof tarpon are legitimate companies. Some of them are scammers, and they go where storms happen. They use cheap quality tarps and materials to secure them in place. They will take your money and give you a false sense of security. Such work isn’t going to last, and your structure can still be vulnerable.

    Verify the background of the company and what they do. Confirm they have a great reputation for emergency roof taping services. When you need roof taping services in Minnesota, don’t put off giving us a call! 

    We will do all we can to get to you the same day you reach out. We take pride in the process; we offer and the materials we use. We realize you have enough going on with the roof damages, and our goal is to help you protect your structure from any additional risks. 

    We can answer questions you may have and help you find a solution. Our services are fast, efficient, and the tarps will stay in place. We offer fair pricing when others try to take advantage of your need with high prices. You can’t control the elements and roof damage, but you can take action to help prevent it from getting worse. 

    We offer roof taping services in Minnesota to help you keep your structure in good condition. The sooner we have them in place, the less risk you have of structural damage or items inside being ruined due to the elements.


    How we
    can help you?

    • What is involved in fire damage restoration?

      Fire damage restoration involves a comprehensive process to bring your home or business back to its pre-damaged condition. Depending on the severity of the damage, construction services may be necessary. At Sellers Roofing, our main goal is to accurately assess the extent of the damage and create a remediation and construction plan that will efficiently restore your property.To begin the fire damage restoration process, our team will conduct a thorough assessment of the affected areas. This assessment helps us determine the severity of the damage and the necessary steps for restoration. We will communicate these findings with you, ensuring transparency and understanding before any work begins.Remediation is one of the key aspects of fire damage restoration. This step involves removing any debris, soot, or smoke residue from the affected surfaces. Our trained professionals use specialized equipment and techniques to clean and sanitize the area. This process helps eliminate odors, minimize health risks, and prevent further damage.Next, if required, we will address the construction aspect of the restoration. This may involve repairing or replacing damaged structural components, such as walls, floors, or ceilings. Our experienced team ensures that all repairs are completed according to industry standards, complying with safety regulations and guidelines.Throughout the restoration process, open and clear communication is maintained between our team and you. We understand the importance of keeping you informed. Our professionals will provide updates on progress, discuss any challenges or changes, and address any questions or concerns you might have.In conclusion, fire damage restoration involves a detailed assessment, remediation of debris and smoke residue, and if necessary, construction repairs. Sellers Roofing - New Brighton commitment to effective communication ensures that you are informed and included every step of the way, restoring your property to its original state before the fire damage occurred.

    • Will construction services be necessary after a fire or water damage event?

      After experiencing a fire or water damage event, the need for construction services for your home or business will depend on the severity of the damage. At Sellers Roofing, our main goal is to restore your property to its pre-damaged condition. While not every situation may require construction services, we thoroughly assess the extent of the damage and communicate with you to determine if they are necessary.Our team will provide a detailed evaluation of the damage and present you with a comprehensive remediation and construction plan before any work begins. This ensures that you are fully informed about the steps that will be taken to restore your property. Should construction services be required, you can have confidence that our skilled professionals will effectively and efficiently handle the necessary repairs.Ultimately, the decision regarding the need for construction services will be based on the level of damage sustained. Rest assured that our priority is to minimize the impact of the fire or water damage and restore your property as closely as possible to its original state.

    • What should you not do when dealing with roof damage?

      When dealing with roof damage, it is important to avoid certain actions to ensure your safety and prevent further damage. Here are some things you should not do:1. Do not enter rooms where there is overhead damage that may pose a safety hazard. These rooms could potentially have weakened structures or falling debris.2. Avoid climbing on the roof if you suspect there may be structural damage. There could be hidden weaknesses that may cause the roof to collapse under your weight.3. Refrain from climbing on roofs that are wet or icy. These surfaces can be extremely slippery and increase the risk of falls and accidents.4. It is not recommended to attempt to remove debris from the roof yourself. Doing so without the necessary expertise and equipment can be dangerous and may cause further damage.5. Avoid attempting to install a tarp during a storm. The strong winds and adverse weather conditions can make it hazardous to perform such tasks, increasing the risk of accidents.6. Do not walk on tarped surfaces. Tarps are temporary measures and may not provide sufficient support or stability. Walking on them can cause them to tear or shift, posing a risk to anyone on or around the roof.7. Never use a metal ladder near power lines or energized electrical equipment. This can result in electrocution or electric shock if there is contact with live wires.It is crucial to prioritize your safety and seek professional assistance when dealing with roof damage to ensure the proper assessment and necessary repairs are conducted.