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#1 Window Repair & Window replacement

Window Repair New Brighton, Minnesota - Free Estimates!

We offer window repairs in Minnesota offers fast and affordable window replacement and repair services to all major suburbs in greater Minneapolis! As a full-service remodeling contractor with over 12 years of experience, we have experts who can install, repair, or replace windows, gutters, roofing systems, and siding, plus we build porches, gazebos, decks, walkways, retainer walls, and a full spectrum of other. We can handle any sized job, whether you need one window replaced, or a full exterior makeover, our expert window installers can get the job done for you quickly and for a very competitive price!

Give us a moment of your time, and we will tell you more about our window repair services and give you a few of the reasons Sellers is New Brighton, MN #1 remodeling company!

5-Star Rated Window Repair

5-Star Rated

Have a broken window? Let Sellers Roofing experts window installers get that taken care of for you! We have over 12 years of experience in exterior remodeling and storm damage restoration, and we install and replace all types of windows including; bay windows, bow windows, triple pane windows, box windows, casement windows, double hung windows, garden windows, and more! 

Call today for a free estimate or use the button below to have a team member call you to be the next one to find out why Sellers Roofing Company-New Brighton is the best window repair and remodeling contractor in Minneapolis!

Window Repair Minnesota - Why Our Customers Prefer Sellers Roofing

At Sellers, believe our customers deserve the best products available. That’s why we only install home windows from the very best manufacturers in the country! If you’ve been trying to find replacement windows that will enhance the functionality, the style, and the energy efficiency of your home, we’ve got exactly what you need.

We demand excellence on every square inch of every job we take on, because we want your investments to be protected, just like you do. Our expert window installers have years of experience installing all types of home windows, and our crews are professional and courteous.  We keep our rates competitive, and we stand behind our work to ensure that you are 100% satisfied! That’s why about half of our business comes from referrals and repeat business!

Our customers love us for our competitive prices, our professional crews, and because we leave behind some of the best looking roofs, porches, and exterior makeovers in our line of business!

Window Repair MN - Triple Pane Window Cutaway

Replacement Windows by Top Manufacturers

The replacement windows that we install offer many advantages for homeowners wishing to invest in their home equity. For instance, our triple-pane windows feature insulated glass packages and SST foam spacer systems, which makes them incredibly economical, saving you money on energy costs, while almost entirely eliminating condensation build-up.

Our windows also come with frames made out of durable vinyl, that resists cracking, peeling, warping or rotting, which wood frames were infamous for in the past. This extra protection allows your windows to look great even after years of use.

To ensure that we have something to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of all of the homeowners the greater Minneapolis area, our replacement windows come in an array of different colors, finishes, and style choices.  When install all of the following types of windows:

Bay Windows
Bow Windows
Box Windows
Casement Windows
Double Hung Windows
Garden Windows
Slider Windows

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5-Star Rated Window Repair

Whenever you team up with Sellers for your window installation, you’ll have the pleasure of working with our professional installation team. Our experts are notorious for their commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and customer service, a dedication that is clearly visible in our A+ rating with Google Maps. All of our replacement windows are covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime limited guarantee, so you can rest easy at night knowing your investment will be well protected!

Window Repair - Final Thoughts

We hope that this information has answered any questions you may have had about our replacement windows services.  If you would like to set up a hassle free assessment and window replacement estimate, just use the  contact form below or  call us at (651)703-2336. We have friendly operators on standby who would love to discuss your project with you.


How can I choose a reputable window contractor in Minnesota?

Finding a reputable window contractor in Minnesota requires careful research and consideration. Follow these steps to ensure you choose a reliable and experienced company:

1. Conduct thorough research: Begin by gathering a list of potential window contractors operating in Minnesota. Visit their websites, read customer testimonials, and check online review platforms to gauge their reputation. Focus on companies with positive feedback and a solid track record.

2. Verify credentials and licenses: Ensure that any contractor you consider is licensed to operate in Minnesota and holds all necessary certifications. This information is crucial as it guarantees their compliance with state regulations and that they have met professional standards.

3. Check for insurance coverage: Confirm that the window contractor has appropriate liability insurance coverage. This protects you from any potential damages or accidents that may occur during the project. A reputable contractor will readily provide proof of insurance upon request.

4. Experience in the industry: Look for a contractor with substantial experience in the window installation or restoration industry. An established history indicates their proficiency and reliability. Pay attention to whether they specialize in the type of windows you require, such as replacement windows or historic window restoration.

5. Request and verify references: Reach out to previous customers and request references from the contractor you are considering. Speaking with these individuals provides insights into the contractor’s workmanship, professionalism, and overall satisfaction.

6. Obtain multiple quotes: Contact several window contractors and request detailed written estimates for your project. Compare the prices, services offered, and warranties provided. Be cautious of significantly low prices, as they may indicate subpar materials or workmanship. Opt for a contractor who offers reasonable pricing in accordance with industry standards.

7. Clear communication and professionalism: During initial interactions, assess the contractor’s communication skills and professionalism. A reputable contractor will listen attentively to your needs, promptly address your inquiries, and provide transparent information about the project timeline, materials, and costs.

8. Warranty and post-installation support: Inquire about the warranty offered by the contractor, covering both materials and installation. A reputable contractor will stand behind their work and provide after-sales support should any issues arise.

By following these steps, you can select a reputable window contractor in Minnesota who meets your specific needs, ensures quality work, and offers reliable customer service.

How can I prevent window damage in Minnesota?

To prevent window damage in Minnesota, there are several important measures you can take:

1. Regular maintenance and inspections: It is crucial to regularly maintain and inspect your windows. This involves cleaning debris from window tracks, which can help prevent any buildup that may cause damage over time. Additionally, routinely checking for drafts and leaks is essential, as these can lead to further damage if left unaddressed.

2. Efficient sealing: Ensuring that your windows are properly sealed is vital in preventing damage. Apply weatherstripping or caulking around the window frames and sashes to help keep out unwanted drafts. This will not only improve energy efficiency but also reduce the risk of water infiltration and potential damage.

3. Prompt repairs: If any damage is identified during inspections, it is crucial to promptly address and repair it. Whether it’s a cracked pane, a broken seal, or damaged frames, taking immediate action will prevent further deterioration and save you from potentially costly repairs down the line.

4. Consider storm windows and screens: Living in Minnesota means experiencing extreme weather conditions, including harsh winters and strong storms. Consider installing storm windows and screens for added protection. These provide an extra barrier against the elements, reducing the risk of window damage from high winds, hail, or heavy snow.

5. Take winter precautions: Minnesota’s cold winter temperatures can be particularly challenging for windows. To prevent damage, take precautions such as using window insulation kits or applying thermal window film. These measures can help improve insulation and prevent condensation, which can lead to moisture-related issues.

By following these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of window damage in Minnesota, ensuring the longevity and functionality of your windows.

How long do windows typically last?

The lifespan of windows typically depends on several factors including the type of material used, the prevailing climate, and the level of maintenance provided. While there is variation, wooden windows generally have a lifespan of about 10 to 20 years. On the other hand, vinyl and fiberglass windows tend to last much longer, often up to 30 years or even more. 

Nevertheless, it is important to note that these estimates are not set in stone as individual factors such as exposure to harsh weather conditions, proper installation, and regular maintenance can significantly impact the durability and longevity of windows. Ensuring regular upkeep and addressing repairs promptly can greatly extend the lifespan of windows.