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EPDM Roof Installation in Minnepolis

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EPDM Roof Installation in Minneapolis MN

For EPDM roof installation in Minneapolis, call on the experts at Sellers Roofing Company for friendly services and affordable pricing from a trusted name in commercial roofing. A new EPDM roof has many benefits when properly installed. Black EPDM helps save you by saving on heating costs and staying cooler in colder climates as it helps to warm your building from the sun’s heat. EPDM membrane roofs are resistant to hail, UV rays, and all types of weather. Out of all the single ply, low-slope roofing options, EPDM is the longest lasting and one of the least expensive.

Keep reading to learn about our experience with EPDM roof installation and also, more about the EPDM products we carry. Contact us for a free inspection and roofing estimate when you’re ready for your new EPDM roof installation in Minneapolis.

Pros and Cons of EPDM Roof Installation

EPDM roofs are among some of the most cost-efficient commercial roofing systems, with options in some cases to get an even better price by reroofing over your existing roofing system.

Depening on how many layers of roofing is beneath your existing layer, you may have the option to roof over your existing roof. We will let you know that when we inspect!

Thaanks to the manufacturing process taking the extra time to apply adhesive to the back of the membrane and add 3′ to 6′ tape on the edges, EPDM is super easy to install. This saves you money on labor and installion overall.

EPDM Roofs save you money on heating and air conditioning bills by reflecting the sun (better on the white membranes) and keeping the warm or cold air in or out during extreme temps.

EPDM roof are tough and durable, with impact resistance strong enough to sustain most hail, wind, and faling debris damage.

EPDM roofs are weather and fire resistant, making them a great option for the severe weather swings we get here in Minneapolis during the winter!

Most EPDM roofing systems come with a 20 year warranty, making them one of the longest lasting iotiins in their price range!

Why Sellers Roofing for EPDM Roof Installation in Minneapolis

Sellers Roofing Company started out over a decade ago as commercial and residential roofing contractors here in the Twin Cities. We are on commercial roofs every day in St Paul, New Brighton, and the greater Minneapolis area inspecting for leaks and signs of deterioration, running scheduled maintenance calls, installing new roofs, etc., and we understand how important your roof’s ability to protect your business is to you. That’s why when you come to Sellers Roofing Company, you always get the best and the friendliest service possible. Our clients enjoy competitive pricing, the ability to choose from top brand roofing systems made by major roofing systems manufacturers, and some of the highest-quality craftsmanship in the roofing industry!  

With some of the roofing industry’s top bitumen manufacturing brands such as Dow Chemical and ExxonMobil, you can always rest assured that you are getting a top quality product!

Sellers Roofing Company has over 12 years of experience woirking on commercial roofing systems in the Minneapolis area. If you are looking for the right roofing contractors that have the experience and know how to save you money with a preventative maintenance plan, Sellers is the last place you need to look. 

At Sellers Roofing Company, we takr pride in being able to serve the homeowners and business owners of the Minneapolis area. That’s why you will always find competitive pricing when you come to us wirh a roofing project.

Our crews and well manored and professional while on a commercial property. They know that you have a business to run, and that they should stay out of the way of any business related traffic, and ensure that they get the job done correctly and safely, keeping your business, and your employees or customers out of harms way.

At Sellers Roofing Company, our roofing crews are supervised by fully licensed and certified roofing foreman with years of experience in all aspects of commercial roofing. Whether we send out a fully manned, highly skilled crew of our top roofers, or we send out a few new hands to train under our experts, you will always get the highest quality craftsmanship on any roofing projects from us. 

We take prode in our work at Sellers Roofing Company. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your roofing project after we’ve finished, just call and let us know and we will return to fix the discrepancy and ensure that you are happy with our work!

EPDM Roof Installation in Minneapolis - Features, and Benefits

Getting your commercial roof repaired, maintained, or inspected regularly is a big deal. Your roof is your main defense against violent weather outbreaks and damage from wind, hail, and falling/flying debris. Sellers Roofing Company has over 12 years of experience working with all types of EPDM roofing membranes, and we would be happy to speak with you about your project at your convenience!


Standard EPDM Roof Installation ➼ Self-Adhering EPDM Roof Installation ➼  Reinforced EPDM Roof Installation ➼  White-on-Black EPDM Roof Installation ➼  Fire retardant EPDM Roof Installation



Standard EPDM Roof Installation

Standard EPDM roofing systems is the choice that most commercial business owners who have EPDM installed end up going with. Standard EPDM is strong, flexible, and puncture-resistant, and one of the toughest and most affodable single membrane roofing systems available. Although standard EPDM is fire-rated, it is not quite as fire-resistant as PVC or TPO roofing systems.

Standard EPDM roofing systems can be installed in either ballasted or fully-adhered roofing systems. Standard EPDM roofing systems make an excellent choice for both new construction and re-roofing applications. EPDM membranes come in multiple widths and lengths, in 45, 60, and 90 mil thickness. Depending upon which EPDM roofing system you have installed, a 20 to 30-year warranty is available.

Dusted or clean sheets are available for this product and pre-taped with 3″ or 6″ tape is available, which makes installation a little faster and easier.

Self-Adhering EPDM Roof Installation

Self-adhering EPDM roofs offer significant savings in both labor time and labor costs. Self-adhering EPDM roofs offer excellent weatherability and hail resistance, and they make great, low-VOC options that will emit no solvent-related odors. Self-adhering membranes are silicon-coated on one side so that they release from the adhesive easily, and formulated with fire retardants to inhibit the spread of fire. They can be incorporated in UL Class A systems and they stay flexible even in very cold temperatures.

Self-adhering EPDM roof installations include a nominal 60-mil non-reinforced EPDM membrane that is laminated to a 100%-solid pressure-sensitive adhesive. All of this cuts down on installation costs, because it eliminates the need to load, stir, apply, and dispose of bonding adhesive and containers, and overall, it makes for a smooth and easy installation.


Reinforced EPDM Roof Installation

Reinforced EPDM Roof Installation has a layer of tough polyester fabric for superior strength and impact resistance to hail, debris, etc. Reinforced EPDM Roofs are available in 8′ and 10′ widths in 45, 60, and 75 mil thicknesses. Reinforced EPDM is normally applied to fully adhered, mechanically attached, and ballasted roofs. Like standard EPDM, Reinforced EPDM Roofs are fire-rated, but they are not fire-proof.

Reinforced EPDM roofing membranes come in pre-printed rolls with lap and fastener spacing lines, in pre-taped 3″ or 6″ tape seams for a quicker installation. The maximum warranty on reinforced EPDM is 20 years.

White-on-Black EPDM Roof Installation

White-on-Black EPDM roof installation is great for warmer climates because it reflects the heat away from your building. White on Black EPDM is a non-reinforced rubber membrane that comes in 60-mil and 90-mil thicknesses and is fairly easy to install. The membranes, like all other types of EPDM roof membranes, are fire-rated, but the White-on-Black type has an option to go with an increased fire rating.

White-on-black EPDM is primarily used in new construction, reroofing and recover (retrofit) applications on fully-adhered roofing systems. White-and-Black EPDM also has options for 3′ or 6′ tape on the seams, and it has a 20-year warranty is available.

EPDM Roof Installation Cost

Your average EPDM roof installation cost in Minneapolis will run you about $5.50/sqft. However, depending upon what type of EPDM system you have installed, the condition of your roof, and many other factors, it can vary some. Sellers Roofing Company has extensive experience working with all EPFM roofing system types, and we take on jobs of all sizes, shapes, and complexities. 


Contact us for a consultation and a free estimate for a new EPDM roof installation, repairs, or maintenance on an existing roof.

EPDM Roof Installation - Final Thoughts

When your commercial building needs a superior quality EPDM roof installation in Minneapolis, call on the pros here at Sellers Roofing Company. One of our expert commercial roofing inspectors will come out and meet you at your convenience, and, after inspecting the condition of your current commercial roofing system, they will give our best recommendations on what to do based on what they find.  Just give us a call at (651) 703-2336 or click the banner above or any of the buttons on our site to schedule your FREE inspection and estimate!


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