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Basement Remodeling – The Right Way in New Brighton, Minnesota

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Basement Finishing & Remodeling in New Brighton & Saint Paul, Minnesota

Our remodeling team can turn your unfinished basement into a beautiful, useable space of it's own.

Basement Finishing in New Brighton is one of our specialties! Whether a basement is used as a living area or simply for storage, basement remodeling should be considered to extend the amount of comfortable living area available in a property. Basement remodeling can turn a dark, damp basement into a new living space, income property, or an extra bedroom, depending on the needs of the homeowner.

To complete a basement remodeling project any room local and national building regulations should be checked to avoid future problems with selling a property. Before beginning a basement remodeling project, a hand drawn plan should be created that details the sizes of the rooms to be remodeled in detail, including checks on the correct ceiling height and room sizes with finished drywall.

When a plan is completed for basement remodeling it should be submitted to the local planning department for approval, when this is given the remodel can begin. A major problem many homeowners do not consider when they plan basement remodeling is that cold masonry walls often have damp and water issues.

Any issues can be handled quickly and efficiently before the basement remodeling begins, which can be started by framing, installing a vapor barrier and insulating the walls for the comfort and safety of the family.

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There are many possibilities and basement finishing ideas that can allow a homeowner to use the space in the basement efficiently. A homeowner should decide the details of his or her plans and figure out if a contractor will be needed to accomplish the job safely and efficiently. If he or she decides to do the project without a contractor, the Internet is a great source for basement finishing ideas and hints on the easiest ways to address issues that can arise when finishing a basement.

Basement finishing ideas can be helpful for a homeowner who isn’t sure what to do with the room. A basement offers a unique space in a home that usually has no windows and feels very separate from other rooms in the home. This unique feel can sometimes stump a homeowner who is trying to figure out how to decorate and finish the room. 

The floor in an unfinished basement is usually made of cement, leaving open plans for a homeowner to finish. Wood flooring, carpet, or tile can easily be installed on an even cement floor.

However, when deciding on the floor, a homeowner should also pay attention to any support beams that are sometimes present in a basement. These beams may pose a problem when laying tile or wood flooring and should be measured. It may be a good idea for a homeowner to ask for hints from a professional on how to avoid running into problems with the floor and support beams.

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A local home improvement store can be a great place to look for finishing basement plans. A professional worker at a home improvement store may also be able to give hints on how to make the process easier to handle.

 An employee should also be able to help the homeowner to gather any supplies or tools he or she may need throughout the project. Once a homeowner knows what is needed and what to expect to accomplish the plans he or she wants in the basement, it may be easier to know whether a contractor is needed to help with the project.

Basement finishing ideas can be found online at a local home improvement store or in home improvement magazines. Some of these ideas include a home office, an in-law suite, a bar or a home gym. 

While these plans may seem complex, they can be easy with some preparation and the advice and hints of a professional. In order to finish a basement successfully, a homeowner must first choose what he or she will be using the basement for.

Details such as the floor, furniture and additions should be known before the finishing is started. Local home improvement store employees may be able to help with hints and plans to make the process a smooth one.