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Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Commercial Roof Maintenance St Paul, New Brighton, & Minneapolis

As a commercial property owner or manager, it’s critical to inspect your buildings on a regular basis. When it comes to roof problems, there are some indicators your roofing might require roofing system repair work or replacement. When it comes to commercial roof maintenance—St Paul, New Brighton, and the rest of greater Minneapolis can depend on the expert team at Sellers Roofing Company.

With over 12 years in business, we have gained expert experience in every known commercial roofing type. When you pair that with our expert-led crews and extensive on-the-job training, it makes Sellers Roofing Company one of the best roofing contractors to call on to maintain your commercial roofing system!

We offer commercial roof maintenance, licensed and certified roof inspectors, and the kind of expert care you can only find in a true industry leader. Any time the condition of your commercial roofing system is in question, call on us to respond quickly, and find an affordable solution for you! 

Reasons Why to Choose Sellers Roofing Company for Commercial Roof Maintenance St Paul, New Brighton, & Minneapolis!

When it comes to inspecting and maintaining your commercial roofing system and making sure that everyone stays safe and compliant, it’s important to have an experienced and qualified commercial roofing company backing you.  This is critical when it comes to indicators of potential roofing problems inside and outside your structure. Below this paragraph, we’ve outlined some of the main points that have to be inspected and/or maintained on a commercial roof, to give you an idea of our expertise in the commercial roofing industry, and let you know what to look for if you decide to inspect your roof yourself.

12 Years of Commercial Roofing Experience

With over a decade of servicing commercial roofing clients in the Twin Cities area, Sellers Roofing Company is who you call on to get the job done right the first time.

Expert Trained, Professional Crews

When a Sellers Roofing crew gets to your commercial property, we have one thing in mind. Get the job done correctly, get out of the way quickly, and keep everybody safe.

Expert in Leak Detection and Maintenance

Our commercial roofing experts are on commercials roofs in Minneapolis nearly every day of the year. The smallest of leaks can cost you thousands in damages. Sellers Roofing Company is the Twin Cities' best commercial roofing company to have inspecting your commercial roofing system.

Competitive Pricing

We keep our prices competitive because we want to stay the #1 commercial roofing company in the Twin Cities area!

Superior Products and Expert Craftsmanship

We install, repair, and maintain roofing systems manufactured by America's top brands because we we want your roof to perform for you for a s long as possible!

Excellent Customer Service

We never turn our back on a problem. When you call Sellers Roofing Company, we treat all of our clients just like we would want them to treat us! That's one of the reasons we get recommendations and referrals from so many of our clients.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist

When our expert commercial roof inspection crews will come out to inspect your roof, they will follow a very detailed and thorough inspection process that ensures that nothing gets overlooked. We inspect your surface membrane and underlying insulation and decking, your perimeter walls and coping, your gutters and downspouts, your walls and wall seams, and all of your vents, skylights, and other penetrations to ensure that your roofing system is still doing its job of protecting your commercial building. 

In this checklist all of the following components will be checked:

When your commercial roof is inspected, core samples of your roofing surface membrane are taken to inspect the condition of your roof’s surface, subsurface, and insulation and decking. Our experienced commercial roof maintenance forman can read your core samples and find out:

Your Roofing System’s Approximate AgeWhen core samples ate taken, we look at important characteristics of your roofing system like current composition, weight, density, and thickness to help us guage how long your membrane and underlying layers should last.
How Many Roofing Layers Are Already Installed?Commerial building codes allow up to 2 roofing systems to be installed on commercial low-slope buildings. When we inspect your roof, this is one of the first things we check for.

Check for MoistureWhen core samples are taken, we will be able to tell if any moisture is present that may be causing blistering or rotting to your roof decking. 
Signs of Hazardous Materials  Present substances that could affect the integrity of your roofing material like solvents and adhesives or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Inspect the drip line for missing or damaged flashing, ensure that the underlayment is lapped over the flashing (when applicable) and ensure that everything is properly sealed and water tight.

What is the current state of your wall surfaces? Try to find indicators of mold or dark areas. Are they peeling wet or damp? These can be indicators of leakages or early indicators of mold. Have actually the locations checked as well as examined promptly.


Inspect to ensure that flashing is properly installed, and free from cracks, tears, and other damages. If flashing is damaged or leaking, inspect decking to ensure rotting is not present. 

We inspect gutters and drainpipes for signs of damage, seals around edges or overhangs, (when applicable) and clogging to ensure that you roof is able to drain properly.

Inspect to ensure that flashing on all penetrations are properly installed and still sealing the surface for the roofing system. Inspect all areas around vents, skylights, and HVAC units for signs of moisture. This can be a sign that flashing has broken down and requires replacing or repairing. 

We record the state of every item we inspect– vents, flashing, perimeter walls, your buildings interior, etc. What activity is needed– repair or replacement? Where on the roofing is it located? It’s important to take pictures and record any type of damages for future recommendation, in addition to insurance coverage functions (when applicable).

Having a history of activity when it concerns roof repair and maintenance can be useful. Maintaining an upkeep log is a good management device and also can be helpful when making repair work, or even selling your residential or commercial property.

We're #1 for Commercial Roof Insurance Claims Minneapolis

Commercial roof insurance claims are common in the commercial business world because they clearly identify the current state of your commercial roofing system and underlying decking, allowing insurance or real estate agents to make informed decisions and give you better rates if your property classifies as a low-risk. Sellers Roofing Company has experience performing any type of commercial roof insurance claims, whether you are selling your building, transferring ownership, switching insurance companies, or you need help navigating the insurance claims process for your commercial roof that has taken on damages from a violent weather outburst. 

Commercial Roof Inspection

After a violent event hits your commercial building, it is critical to have a certified roof inspector take a look at it. The rooftop could look fine from the outside, but there could be a small issue only experts can distinguish— That can end up costing you big money if you don’t catch them early.  A certified roofer can offer guidance with respect to future damages, including whether the damage to your commercial roof and its components should be covered by your insurance company or the manufacturer. 


Damage Evaluation & Assessment

Evaluating the harm to your commercial roof is a fundamental initial step. By evaluating the seriousness of the damage done to your property, and taking photographs and recordings of the damaged areas if possible, our experts can paint a clear picture for your insurance company, so that they know the extent of the damage, and the cost that it will take to get repairs done. During this stage, your insurance company should have the contract prepared.

Meeting with Your Insurance Agent

We handle everything about your commercial roof insurance claims from inspecting, identifying, and reporting the damage, to meeting with your insurance agent to confirm the damages and start the claims process. When they visit your property and confirm the condition of your commercial rooftop, they draw a fair estimate of damages. Having an experienced contractor present to help you navigate the process will only improve the accuracy of your claim. This always pays out to an advantage, because your insurance adjuster won’t have half the knowledge of an experienced roofing expert, so this helps by ensuring that your adjuster writes in enough coverage to cover damages.

At this stage, all questions are answered in person to ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of what repairs are necessary, and what costs will be associated with repairing your roof.  After meeting with the agent, hang tight for guarantee endorsement. It generally requires some investment, yet the technique is normally optimized following damage to violent weather events.


Commercial Roof Maintenance - Final Thoughts

If you believe that you may be in need of commercial roof maintenance, you always play safer by getting it checked out. What a lot of commercial building owners may not realize, is that even the smallest leak in your roof could end up turning into a problem that causes substantial damage. Our expert commercial roof specialists have years of experience inspecting commercial roofing systems of every known type, size, and complexity, so, when it comes to identifying and addressing issues that could end up costing you in advance, you couldn’t be in better hands than you are with us.

If you need an experienced, licensed, and certified commercial roofing contractor in St Paul, New Brighton, or anywhere else in the Twin Cities area that will always have your best interest in mind and take your investments seriously, look no further than Sellers Roofing Company! If your roof needs attention right now, call us at (703) 651-2336 or fill out any of the forms on our site like the one above to schedule your FREE, no-hassle inspection and estimate!

There are a number of factors that come into play when we make recommendations on roofing systems for commercial properties. No two jobs are exactly alike, so it’s hard to just generalize an answer for that. Factors like building use, building access, average weight loads, amount of foot traffic, the number of penetrations on your roof, and your estimated budget are all things that get factored in when we make recommendations regarding commercial roofing systems.

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Commercial Roof Maintenance FAQs

  • What Type of Maintenance Steps Should I Take Before the Rainy Season?

    There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when having your commercial roof inspected and maintained each year. Some of the most important steps to take before the rainy season for your commercial roof are:

    Inspect All Flashings: Water has a tendency to move laterally along the roof's surface and run behind the flashing. From there, it can drip into the building causing areas to rust or rot. Caulking, when applied correctly could be a temporary fix, however, depending on what type of roof you have, how long the leak has been there, and the condition of your underlayment and surface membrane, caulking may or may not hold up.

    Exposed Nails/Screws: It’s important to ensure that all nails, screws, seals, and fasteners are sealed properly. Over time, nails and screws may wiggle loose, seams can start to split from constantly expanding and contracting with the temperature changes, and HVAC units have a tendency to vibrate screws loose and allow water in. This can be a problem for vents and flashings as well.

    Our best advice is, it's always best to let a professional roofer handle sealing your roof to ensure that your roofing system is 100% watertight, but if you decide to go about it on your own, depending on what type of roof you have on your commercial property, Modified bitumen roofing tape or roofing tar both seal flashing edges well and roofing tar can be applied over nail pops in your flashing. You want to use a dab about the size of a quarter for each nail pop after you have hammered it back flush with the surface.

  • How Often Should My Gutters Be Cleaned?

    Your gutters should be cleaned once during the summer and twice in the fall to ensure your roof is able to drain properly. One of the main causes of commercial roof leaks is ponding water. To ensure that your commercial roof is getting the best maintenance possible, consider one of our commercial roof maintenance programs.

  • Do you offer a Scheduled Commercial Roof Maintenance Program?

    Yes. With experienced, licensed and certified commercial roof specialists, we offer scheduled commercial roof maintenance programs that ensure proper roof inspection in a safe and routine manner.

    Standard maintenance includes scrubbing the roof surface carefully, cleaning out any debris on the roof, gutters, and valleys,(when applicable) applying moss/mildew killer if needed, and sealing any separations between substrates or loose flashings.

  • What Options Do You Offer for Re-roofing?

    A re-cover can be a good alternative if cost or other considerations are prevalent. Generally, overlaying (re-covering or retrofitting) your existing roof with a second layer roof is allowed but frowned upon. While having your commercial building reroofed can save time and money on tear-offs while extending the life of your roof and looking great from the ground, (if applicable) you will always get a better seal, better fit, and overall better performance out of a new roof.

  • What are the Benefits of Commercial Roof Maintenance?

    New commercial roofing can be an expensive investment. Semi-annual or annual inspections offer property managers and business owners with an accurate assessment of the condition of their existing roofing system. A regular roof maintenance program or schedule will ultimately prolong the life of the roofing system. Proper maintenance allows the inspector to identify any potential problem areas and avoid costly leaks and internal damage that water can produce.

  • What Type of Roof is Best for My Commercial Building?

    Remember, we are one call away if you need us, and our roof inspections are always free if you need an expert opinion! Call us at (703) 651-2336