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#1 Fire Damage Restoration Saint Paul, MN


Property Assessments

When we arrive on-site, our first step is to assess the property and structure for damage. Before we can begin to restore, rebuild and recover your home, and its belongings, we need to build out a custom scope of work.

Emergency Repairs

Our crew will perform any emergency repairs to ensure structural integrity, for our team’s safety, and to prevent further damage as we work on your home. These may include structural repairs, boarding up windows and patching holes in the roof.

Reconstruction and Repairs

Once the structure is safe, clean and dry, our crew can finally begin the fire damage restoration and reconstruction process. Depending on the extent of the damage, this could include anything from controlled demolition to minor repairs.

Best fire damage restoration in Saint Paul

A fire outbreak is a traumatic event that can lead to the loss of lives and the destruction of property in New Brighton. If a fire outbreak happens, you need to act fast and contact the fire department. Once the fire has been put out you need to contact fire damage restoration professionals to help you salvage the situation. 

Our technicians will work quickly and efficiently to clear out all the soot, smoke, and water damage from your home or business using our specialized equipment and procedures.

 Meaning your building will be back to running order in no time. Smoke can even travel from room to room and floor to floor through your air ducts. This is why it is important to seek out professionals who have experience with hundreds of fire and smoke-related incidents and can test your property to assess the damage and develop a course of action.

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Fire damage restoration companies near me

As one of the leading smoke and water damage restoration companies, we are ready to take immediate action. Our crew is trained and experienced at restoring fire and smoke damage to single and multi-family homes in New Brighton & Saint Paul. We will treat you and your property with the respect and care you deserve, as we focus on the road towards recovery. A fire damage restoration company will assess the damage and decide on the best way to fix things.

If the fire only affected parts of the property, the fire damage restoration company can provide complete cleaning & renovation services to get the property back to safe, livable conditions. In terms of your valuables, a fire restoration company would need to evaluate each item to determine if the items should be cleaned or if they should just be replaced. Besides actual burns to your property, smoke and soot from the fire can stain your walls, carpets, and other surfaces in your home.

But this isn’t all; you’ll also notice a distinctive smoke odor all over your home. You need to call in a fire damage restoration company in time to help you clean the soot and smoke from surfaces and remove the odor


  • Emergency board up
  • Temporary roof repairs for safety and security
  • Evaluation of best procedures to minimize damages
  • Water extraction – fire and water damage restoration
  • Smoke damage and odor removal
  • Contents handling (cleaning, storage, pack out, disposal/return)
  • Repairs and reconstruction
  • Detailed scope, estimate and schedule
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Fire damage typically causes irreversible damage to anything it comes in contact with.

  • Furniture
  • Clothing & other contents
  • Drywall, studs and wood
  • Roofing
  • Appliances
  • Flooring & tile
  • Windows & glass

If the fire gets hot enough and comes into contact with any of these items on your property, it is likely damaged beyond repair or turned into ashes all together. The heat will burn the items, melt and depending on material even melt. 

Even if an items doesn’t look damaged because it wasn’t in contact with a fire for a long period of time, it is possible that item is still damaged beyond repair due to the smoke damage and structure/molecular breakdown the heat from a fire can cause.