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Discover Peace of Mind with Free Hail Damage Roofing Inspections in St. Paul, 55112

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*Your roof will require some professional attention for long live.

    Discover Peace of Mind with Free Hail Damage Roofing Inspections in St. Paul, ZIP 55112

    Unsure if your roof has weathered the storm? It’s always wise to let a professional assess any potential damage. An unchecked roof today could lead to costly repairs or insurance complications tomorrow. At Seller’s Roofing Company, we are committed to safeguarding your home and your peace of mind. Take advantage of our free roofing inspection in St. Paul 55112, you’ve landed in the right place. 

    As the premier roofing service in St. Paul, we pride ourselves on providing swift, dependable inspections at no cost. Our team stands behind their assessments with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you receive nothing but the best service.

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    Benefits of a Roofing Inspection in St. Paul 55112

    If you own a property in the St Paul area, the benefits of a free roofing inspection go beyond simple peace of mind.

    Here are some of the key advantages:

    • Clear Debris from the Roof After a Storm: Remove debris that can trap moisture and decay, which can lead to more significant issues.
    • Identify Underlying Issues: Our thorough inspections help pinpoint any problems within your roofing system, including those not immediately visible.
    • Catch Problems Before They Escalate: Addressing issues early can save you significant repair costs down the road
    • Know How Your Roof is Holding Up: Gain insights into the condition of your roof and preempt potential problems.
    • Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof: Regular maintenance ensures your roof lasts as long as possible, protecting your investment.
    • Safety Hazard Identification: Spot potential safety hazards to prevent accidents and ensure your roof is safe and secure.
    • Compliance and Regulation: Ensure your property adheres to building codes and safety regulations, an essential factor for both new and aging structures.
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    Why Should You Call a Professional for Your Hail Damage Roof Inspection?

    The roof is a complex and potentially dangerous area for those without proper training. DIY inspections can easily miss critical damage, leading to more costly repairs down the road and potential safety risks. Furthermore, hail damage assessments involve more than just visual checks; they require professional expertise to evaluate the extent of the damage accurately. Most insurance claims for roof damage also require an inspection by a professional to ensure the claim is justified and comprehensive.

    What is Included in Our Free Storm & Hail Damage Roof Inspection in St Paul, MN?

    At Sellers Roofing Company, we pride ourselves on straightforward, honest hail damage roof inspection in St Paul, MN. As a local roofing contractor specializing in roof hail damage repair in Minneapolis, we know the area and its weather challenges well. Our certified inspectors bring extensive experience to each assessment, ensuring you can plan effectively for any repairs.

    Residential Roof Inspections

    • Overall Condition and Surface Integrity
    • Damage to Flashings or Roof Penetrations
    • Roof Punctures, Cracks, Tears, and Structural Deformations
    • Loss of Granules
    • Signs of Alligatoring, Blisters, or Fishmouths
    • Issues With Ponding or Water Staining
    • Condition of Gutters and Drains
    • Presence of Water Leaks
    • Deterioration of the Roof Surface
    • Attic Conditions, Eaves, Fascia, Soffit
    • Condition of Skylights, Chimneys, and Vents

    Commercial Roof Inspections:

    • Inspect for Visible Weather or Impact Damage
    • Pooling Water, Water Stains, Penetrations
    • Damage to Skylights, and Vents
    • Inspect All Flashings
    • Loose or Damaged Anchors
    • Mold and Mildew Growth
    • Damaged Seams or Seals
    • Corrosion of Metal Components
    • Overall Firmness/Stability of the Roof
    • Roof Edges
    • Inspect for Alligatoring, Shrinkage, Sagging, or Blistering
    • Leaks on External Walls and Internal Walls/Ceilings

    Our Expertise in Storm Damage Restoration in St. Paul

    At Sellers Roofing Company, we specialize in providing expert storm damage restoration services tailored to the unique challenges of St. Paul’s weather. With years of experience and a deep understanding of local climate conditions, we are uniquely positioned to respond effectively to any storm damage your property may encounter. Our team of certified professionals is trained to handle complex restoration projects, ensuring that every repair or replacement is conducted with the highest standards of quality and safety.

    Whether it’s hail, wind, or any other storm-related damage, our comprehensive inspections and repairs are thorough, aiming to restore not just the function but also the aesthetic value of your roofing. Trust Sellers Roofing Company to bring unparalleled expertise and dedication to your storm damage restoration needs in St. Paul. 

    Here are our other related services if you have reason to believe your home or business property may have been hit:

    Expert Hail Damage Inspection:

    Our hail damage inspections are meticulously conducted by certified professionals who understand the intricate patterns of hail impact. As a leading hail damage contractor in St Pauk, we aim to thoroughly assess your roof for any signs of hail damage, ensuring that every detail is noted to help protect and repair your home effectively.

    Leak Detection and Repair:

    We excel in identifying and addressing leaks in their earliest stages, preventing them from evolving into more significant issues. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques and technology to detect leaks, ensuring accurate and efficient repairs that safeguard the integrity of your roof.

    Expert Storm Damage Inspection:

    Storms can leave behind a trail of destruction, often hard to detect until it’s too late. Our expert storm damage inspections are designed to identify and document all levels of storm-related damage, from minor issues to major compromises in structural integrity.

    Emergency Storm Damage Repair:

    When disaster strikes, immediate action is crucial. We offer emergency storm damage repair services to address urgent damage, preventing further deterioration of your property. Our rapid response team is equipped to secure your roof and initiate repairs quickly, ensuring your safety and reducing potential water damage.

    Commercial Roofing:

    We provide specialized commercial roofing services tailored to the unique needs of business properties. Whether it’s installation, repair, or maintenance, our team delivers high-quality solutions that stand up to the demands of commercial environments.

    Residential Roofing:

    Our residential roofing services ensure that your home is protected with top-notch materials and workmanship. From new roof installations to repairs and replacements, we cover all aspects of residential roofing with a focus on durability and aesthetic appeal.

    Types of Roof Hail Damage

    Hailstorms can unleash a spectrum of destruction on your St Paul roof, each type threatening the roof’s integrity and potentially leading to significant repair costs. The problem is, not all hail damage is visible from the ground. A good example of this is cases where the hail strikes the shingles at just the right weight and angles to cause significant granule loss but is allowed to remain untreated because from the ground, you wouldn’t be able to spot it. Add in a roof that is aging or sun damaged, and it could be the last of your protection from leaks and other forms of water infiltration. For St. Paul home and business owners, recognizing these damage types is key to timely intervention and repair.

    Below are the various kinds of roof hail damage in St. Paul that you might encounter:

    The brute force of hailstones can cause shingles to crack, dent, or even completely detach. This damage compromises the roof’s protective barrier, increasing the risk of leaks and accelerating the degradation of the roofing material.


    Not all hail damage is immediately noticeable. Bruising might leave behind soft spots that are hard to detect but significantly weaken the shingles’ resistance to future impacts, thereby heightening the risk of subsequent breaches.

    Hail can also damage the flashings around roof protrusions such as chimneys, skylights, and vents. These components are critical for sealing and waterproofing your roof’s structure; damaged flashings compromise this protection, leading to leaks.

    Hail impacts often knock off the granules that protect shingles from UV damage and aid in water deflection. Depleted of these granules, shingles deteriorate faster, becoming more vulnerable to the elements and prone to developing leaks.

    Larger or repeated hail impacts can cause shingles to crack or split, directly exposing the underlayment and deeper layers of your roof to the elements. This direct exposure can lead to rapid deterioration and leaks.

    Hail can leave dents and even create holes in gutters and downspouts, hindering their ability to channel water effectively. Compromised drainage can cause water to accumulate and potentially damage the foundation and landscaping.

    Why Choose Sellers Roofing Company for Your Free Hail Damage Roofing Inspection in St. Paul 55112?

    When faced with the aftermath of a hailstorm, selecting the right roofing company for your free hail damage inspection is crucial. Here’s why Sellers Roofing Company is your best choice in Minneapolis:

    • Experience and Expertise: Our team brings years of specialized experience to each inspection. We understand the specific challenges that hailstorms pose in Minneapolis and are adept at accurately assessing hail damage to provide you with the best solutions.
    • Certified Inspectors: Each inspector at Sellers Roofing Company is rigorously trained and certified, ensuring high professional standards. Our team excels in detecting even the subtlest signs of hail damage, guaranteeing a thorough and dependable inspection.
    • Comprehensive Assessments: We conduct detailed assessments that cover every aspect of your roof and property exterior. Our goal is to leave no potential issue unchecked, providing you with a comprehensive report of our findings.
    • Honesty and Transparency: Integrity is at the core of what we do. We are committed to honesty in our assessments. If we find no damage, we’ll tell you outright. We aim to build trust and foster long-term relationships with our clients, never recommending unnecessary repairs.
    • Exceptional Customer Service: Understanding the stress that hail damage can bring, we dedicate ourselves to outstanding customer service. Our team is here to support you throughout the inspection process, ready to answer any questions and provide the advice you need.
    • Restoration Expertise: Should repairs be necessary, you can count on Sellers Roofing Company for expert restoration. We’re equipped to handle everything from minor fixes to major renovations, ensuring your roof is restored to its optimal condition for lasting protection.

    Choosing Sellers Roofing Company for your free hail damage roofing inspection in Minneapolis means choosing a partner committed to your safety and satisfaction. Don’t wait to address potential damage—schedule your free inspection today and ensure your home is protected with the best in the business.

    Schedule Your Free Hail Damage Roofing Inspection in St Paul 55112 Today!