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Why You Should Remove Snow From Your Roof

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Are you worried your roof’s structural integrity is challenged by the increased weight when massive snow begins to pile on your roof during the winter? Protecting your roof is essential to safeguarding your lifetime investment which is your home. When winter arrives, you must consider how to clear snow from your abode. Avoiding these risks will disallow snow to pile deeply or heavy on your roof. The process to remove snow from your top is critical for two reasons:

⦁ Avoiding ice dams 

⦁ Avoiding excess weight

Ice Dams
Ice dams are formed when a ridge of ice builds around the edge of your roof. The eaves trough is usually the starting point, and they work their way up from there. They can also be seen near skylights, roof vents, and the end, where two roofs meet.

Avoiding Excess weight
Another reason to remove snow and ice from your roof is the additional stress it places on it. Even snow on your roof can weigh thousands of pounds! Meaning a single dam could weigh thousands of pounds. You could imagine how this could affect your roof and structural balance.

Best Time to Remove Snow from Your Roof

After inches of snow have piled, you should consider removing it depending on your roof type. If the only issue you have is excess weight, think removing snow after afoot, and a half to two feet has accumulated. There are a variety of roof designs to consider, which include:

Roofing Materials

Metal roofs: Are the greatest at dealing with snow, although they are more expensive. They are the most durable roofing material and shed snow quickly, preventing the formation of ice. 
Asphalt: If you’re searching for a roof that will last through the winter and is less expensive to repair, asphalt roofs are a fantastic option. 

How to Remove Snow from Your Roof
Snow removal is necessary and requires diligence. But you may not remove snow as frequently from a metal roof; an asphalt roof will hold up better to snow removal. Methods are:

Rope Method 
The simplest and most cost-effective approach to removing snow from your roof is to use a rope readily available at home.

Wire Method
This is a situation where a piece of wire is wrapped around the base and then pulled off using this technique. Other people refer to this technique as “wire cutting” snow.

Raking Method
Raking snow from the roof is a widespread technique because of its efficiency and safety. To remove ice from the roof, you need a 20-foot-long metal pool rake.

Shovel Method
The most dangerous method of removing snow from your roof is shoveling. Clearing snow from the roof necessitates climbing up there. Climbing and walking on the roof is the only risk involved.

If you feel uncomfortable removing snow from your roof yourself, consult a professional. It’s not worth the risk of getting hurt or losing your life due to an attempt to remove snow. Contact us and get a free quote to keep your roof clear this winter. I hope this blog will help you understand why You Should Remove Snow From Your Roof

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