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Bell Museum St Paul

Located on the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus, the Bell Museum of Natural History is the ideal place to spend the afternoon. Its 120-seat Planetarium and world-renowned wildlife dioramas are sure to impress, and there’s also a multi-sensory Touch and See Lab. For a full day of fun, it’s best to go during the afternoon, when it’s most accessible.

As the state’s official natural history museum, the Bell Museum is overseen by the University of Minnesota. Its mission is to inspire the curious minds of visitors by providing an opportunity for hands-on experiences, education from knowledgeable staff, and an impressive collection of exhibits.

Visitors to the museum will appreciate the fact that it’s conveniently located close to St. Paul homes for sale. There are many other reasons to visit the Bell Museum, including its rich history and vast collection of fascinating exhibits. More Here

The Bell Museum is a great place to take the entire family. They offer activities designed for children of all ages. Activities are available for grades K-2, 3-5, and 7-8. The younger kids will enjoy the space activities, while older kids will enjoy the Touch and See room and an Astronomy class.

They can even plan their own wedding at the Bell Museum. Although the museum is extremely popular on weekends, weekday afternoons are quieter.

The Bell Museum is known for its Touch and See Lab, which allows visitors to touch specimens and live creatures. This is a popular exhibit and recently celebrated 50 years of helping people engage in hands-on science and learn. In fact, it was the first exhibit in the world to allow visitors to touch exhibits, setting a trend that continues to spread through museums worldwide. This interactive space encourages visitors to connect through time and space with the history of their community.

Star Parties are back in person in the winter of 2022. The free monthly telescope observing nights on the rooftop observation deck at the Bell Museum will be held with help from museum staff. The weather will determine whether telescope observing is possible or not, but if the weather is not suitable, indoor activities will be offered instead. The event is open on Wednesdays through Sundays, but is closed on some holidays, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break.

In the midst of the Bell Museum’s collections, the museum holds a wide variety of animals and plants. The museum’s vast collection of dioramas, which depict habitats in Minnesota, includes several species of birds, mammals, insects, and fungi. These are all excellent opportunities to learn facts about different species and their habitats. The museum also maintains a special teaching collection. The museum has been recognized as an institution that fosters science education and research. Here’s an interesting Read

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